Alert Problems?


I really like all the functions FlightAware offers especially the alert function; however it appears to be unreliable. I have the function set to send alerts when filed, departed and apon arrival. I flew from N1089J from KISP to KFME 20 April and my wife got the alert via text msg that I had filed, departed and arrived. I also recieved alerts in my email account. No problems. My flight from KFME to KECG on 23 April worked well also. On my return to FME on 28 April though I received no alerts, either via text or email? Is this a common problem?


We had a problem on that day and alerts did not go out – apologize for the inconvenience but the service is reliable with the exception of last weekend.


Thanks. Glad to hear it. It keeps me from having to break out the cell phone and call home before and after a flight :smiley: .


Call me old-fashioned but I think it would be better to call your wife rather than use some text message to notify her.

I know my partner would rather me call her than use some cold, impersonal text message.

It’s called romance.


You must not live in an area where cell phone service is quite limited. And arriving after FBO hours doesn’t make it quite conducive of making land line calls if the phone is all locked up behind closed doors.

At least Flight Aware gives me another tool to announce my “safe arrival” until I can make a call when in cell service or arriving at my final destination.



Well, hopefully you do make a voice call to your significant other whenever possible.


Re-read what I said… Last 16 words to be specific.



Sorry - mis-wrote. Should have “sounds like you do call…”