Suggestion for FlightAware alerts


Is it possible to add the departing time directly in the email notification?

For example :
SWG626/B738 has departed CYQB (Quebec/Jean Lesage Intl) at 16:20 EST enroute to MUVR (Juan Gualberto Gomez Int’l) for an estimated arrival at 20:10 EST

Thank you

Suggestion: Text message alerts.

That would be a great piece of info to add. I have also wished that this was included.

I might be missing what you are suggesting, but if you are saying what I think you are saying, FlightAware already has text message alerts.

Good suggestion, it is a baffling ommission. What’s weird is that the departure time is included in the short-form alerts (sent to mobile email address in your profile) already. I honestly have no idea how we missed putting it in the long form alert (sent to full email address in your profile).

I’ll make sure this is added in the next alerts software update.

Actually, we don’t. FlightAware just has email alerts with the option to deliver a shortened alert to your mobile device if it has an email address.

These aren’t “real” SMS/text message alerts. It’s possible that we’ll add text message alerts in the future as a service available to premium/paid account holders, but there’s no free way for us to send SMS messages. It’s not something we could provide without cost.

Any way to get the alerts with a subject line?

Would it also be possible to change the part shown in red below

BOE1/B788 filed to depart KBFI @ 09:15 PDT for KBFI @ ETA 12:54 PDT (SEA J70 HQM HQM185060 HQM)
Flight Planning - FlightAware - Flight Tracker / Flight Status

to a link to the aircraft in question like below?

BOE1/B788 filed to depart KBFI @ 09:15 PDT for KBFI @ ETA 12:54 PDT (SEA J70 HQM HQM185060 HQM)
BOE1 Boeing Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware

It seems to me that if a person sets up an alert then he doesn’t want to go to flight planning but would rather go to the flight in question.

Regular alerts have a subject line, mobile alerts don’t because many carriers shove the subject into the message body making it more than 160 chars.

Regular alerts have a link to the flight in addition to an ad, mobile alerts just have a mobile ad.

I like the fact that you have added the departure time to the email text (so that I don’t have to depend on the email sent time as the reference). This is something that I requested some time ago.

You are half way there. Now, can you please do the same thing for arrival time?

I’d just like to add my appreciation for this as well. Often the email time and the actual departure time do not match, especially when the email alerts tube gets chocker. :slight_smile: