Flight alert - message too long for cell phone

First of all, thank you for implementing the flight alert feature. I still can’t believe this is a free site!

The flight alert message is too long for my cell phone. It gets truncated right at the most important part - the scheduled departure time. In fact, the subject and the beginning of the message are redundant - so there is potential there to make it shorter without losing information.

Keep up the great work and keep on adding those features! I hope to see the alert fixed soon so I can actually use it.



We’re working on a more mobile-targeted version of the alert.

The reason you’re seeing the redundant information at the beginning is that many cell phones put the subject at the beginning of the body of the message.

I’m having this exact problem also. Is there a way to turn off the Subject line?

Keep up the good work!!

I have the same problem. Every alert is 4 messages on my phone. Glad incoming messages are free!

What would be nice is somehow just getting N-Number and ETA for arriving flights. Like for N123AB arriving at 07:30 getting a message that simple said “N123AB ETA 07:30”

What would be perfect is allowing PREMIUM users to set custom messages for certain situations. I.E. If I wanted to be alerted when N123AB was inbound, let me set the message subject to “%ident% ETA %arrive%” to have “N123AB ETA 07:30” as the subject.