Can admin please stop messing with people's alerts


Once again admin have altered all my alerts and set them to send out an email when the flight is 45 mins from landing. This is the 2nd time this has happened now and it’s getting a bit annoying having to deal with an extra few hundred emails that I didn’t sign up for.

I have now manually altered some of the alerts back to remove this alert, but the 2 complex matches that are set up will not allow me to edit or save them. Can admin please remove the “also alert me when flight is x mins from touchdown” on my 2 complex matches please. It refuses to let me save them when I press the button “this alert will generate over 1000 matches”, which is in fact a load of rubbish and has worked just fine for years.

Thank you.



Can admin please fix this. I don’t want 3000 mails per day “x flight is expected to arrive in x mins”. I cannot remove from the 2 complex matches that were set up!!! :angry:


BUMP again.

Why is admin not replying? :angry:


Have you tried contacting support?


The more you bitch…10,000 emails for you!


I have changed the 2 Complex alerts to no longer send minutes out alerts.

As for the “admins keep changing alerts” I will look into the problem. Since it has happened twice, do you remember the timeframes in which that happened?


Thanks aaraya. I don’t remember time scale but it has happened in the past without any intervention by myself.