"Flight is expected to arrive in x minutes"

I’ve discovered today that I’ve got approx 4 times as many alert emails as normal. On inspection of the cause of this I have noticed that I’ve have a shedload of useless alerts stating “x flight is expected to arrive in x minutes”. Where have these come from and why am I getting them? I have checked my My Alerts section and there is no option in there for this. I only have FPL filed, departure, arrival and cancellation checked, so why am I getting them and more importantly how can I stop them clogging up my inbox please?


I’m glad you’ve noticed the new feature – pre-arrival alerts. The current implementation will notify you when a tracked flight is 45 minutes or so prior to arrival.

As far as it being 400% as many alerts, don’t you mean 25% more? It’s just one additional alert and it’s tied to the arrival checkbox.

Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t answer my question : how do I disable it? It is of no interest to me.

Further, I do not even have arrival alerts set in my profile for Bermuda, but yet I am getting “this flight is expected to arrive” emails, so clearly it is not tied to the “arrival checkbox” as you have stated Dan.

For example (just received) :

N937QS is expected to arrive at Bermuda Int’l (TXKF/BDA) in 40 minutes at 21:32 GMT

For more information visit flightaware.com/live/flight/N937QS

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Must be a bug, thanks. We’re on it.

Fixed on Friday.

Thanks Dan. Alerts working as normal again here. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to turn this off? I’m a 135 dispatcher. I really like the arrival notifications to alert me, or wake me up, to be ready to talk with the pilot and the customer. However an alert 45 minutes early is useless and only serves to wake me up early.

As there is no way to turn off a notification with out completely deleting it (also very annoying,) I now have to turn off arrival notifications completely.

The bug is still there. I would rather not see an “…expected to arrive…” message. Can you make it an option so we can turn it off? Thanks.

Currently they’re tied to the arrival alerts control, but we’ll expose a separate control in the near future.

Any updates here? I’d also like to be able to opt out of the ‘expected to arrive’ emails.


Simply click on “Advanced Options”, a checkbox under Flight Number and you can deselect “Also alert me before the flight arrives”, or modify the “Minutes before arrival” timing.

Awesome, thanks!!