Flight Alert oddity


I’ve just started using your API. Hopefully this is where I should ask questions about potential bugs.

I’m using the the push notification alerts. While inspecting some of them, I noticed that the “actualarrivaltime” and the “actualdeparturetime” are equal in value. Here’s a subset of the alert I got…

  "eventcode": "arrival",
  "alert_id": 4821301,
  "flight": {
    "ident": "SWA3695",
    "origin": "KLAS",
    "destination": "KBNA",
    "faFlightID": "SWA3695-1373607306-airline-0056",
    "filed_time": 1373855235,
    "filed_departuretime": 1373854800,
    "estimatedarrivaltime": 1373867400,
    "actualarrivaltime": 1373855220,
    "actualdeparturetime": 1373855220,
    "estimated_blockin_time": 1373868000,
    "filed_blockin_time": 1373867700,
    "actual_blockin_time": 1373855220,
    "estimated_blockout_time": 1373854740,
    "filed_blockout_time": 1373854800,
    "actual_blockout_time": 1373855220,
    "filed_arrivaltime": 1373867340

I check a few other “arrival” alerts, and they looked correct (i.e., not the same value for departure and arrival).

Is this supposed to happen under certain circumstances?



When actualarrivaltime is the same as actualdeparturetime, that is an indication of “Flight Result Unknown” flightaware.com/about/faq#flightresultunknown

However, looking at that specific flight I do not currently see that condition so it was probably automatically corrected a few minutes later when we received more accurate data. flightaware.com/live/flight/id/S … rline-0056