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Strange actualarrivaltime in Alertt


I am testing alerts.

I just received the following alert after a plane landed.

“actualarrivaltime” has been set to “actualdeparturetime”. Why ???

long_desc: "Air France #7795 arrivé à Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG/CDG) à 12:05PM CET de LFBO/TLS (Toulouse-Blagnac) Destination (Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle / CDG): Terminal 2F",
short_desc: "AFR7795 arrivé à LFPG/CDG de LFBO/TLS",
summary: "AFR7795 arrivé à LFPG/CDG de LFBO/TLS",
eventcode: "arrival",
alert_id: 9076813,
flight: {
ident: "AFR7795",
aircrafttype: "A320",
origin: "LFBO",
destination: "LFPG",
filed_ete: "01:05:00",
route: "",
faFlightID: "AFR7795-1414478123-airline-0229",
reg: "FHBNF",
filed_altitude: 0,
filed_airspeed_kts: 281,
filed_time: 1414478123,
filed_departuretime: 1414662600,
estimatedarrivaltime: 1414667100,
actualarrivaltime: 1414662840,
actualdeparturetime: 1414662840,
estimated_blockin_time: 1414667700,
filed_blockin_time: 1414668000,
actual_blockin_time: 1414662840,
estimated_blockout_time: 0,
filed_blockout_time: 1414662600,
actual_blockout_time: 1414662840,
filed_arrivaltime: 1414666500

actualarrivaltime == actualdeparturetime is our way of indicating the flight result is unknown and we’ve given up on seeing further updates to the flight.