Airspace restrictions for G20 summit in Pittsburgh

Non-commercial and charter flights to Pittsburgh International Airport and Allegheny County Airport will have to land first in Clarksburg, W. Va., for extra security screening during the Group of 20 economic summit Sept. 24 and 25, officials said this week.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Baaaah… who wants to go to Pittsburgh anyway? :smiley:

Stanley Vic does, then have a nice dog racing track there.

This is about the dumbest thing I have seen to date.

Like a terrorist will make an extra stop in Clarksdale WV to pass this extra security screening to stay legal to fly into Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Exactly, what am I missing? :unamused:

Right, it’s about as helpful as that wooden gate arm that keeps unauthorized vehicles away from the bus and taxi islands at the airport.

Right - The security area at Clarksburg is a former closet. They’ll tie them up for 2 days in line.
That’s why they take the last train to Clarksburg