Airshow Spitfire 30 second video with very happy ending!


[ 30 second Spitfire video ]]( with a very happy ending!


The aircraft in the video is actually a Yak 9. There was an article written about this situation several months back in “Red Alert,” the Red Star Pilots Association’s quarterly magazine. I’ll try find a PDF copy and post a link.



Welcome YakDriver!
My good friend is a fellow Yak Driver. He bought a Yak 50 about a year ago to keep his Nanchang company. There’s another CJ and a Yak 52 based at my home airport. We usually host the Red Star Fly-In for the N.E. Region. Lots of CJ’s and 52s come to practice formation and aerobatics and drink beer. It’s a blast!


Having a good time is what they do best! :wink:


Wow! How badly do you think that guy was shaking when he got on the ground?!? I think we’ve all had moments in airplanes that made us ponder how much we love life, but that was freaking CLOSE.


Updated: 10:02 a.m. ET Sept 4, 2007
CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. - A plane crashed Monday in the northwest Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake, McHenry County officials said. The single-engine plane reportedly nose-dived right after takeoff, NBC 5 reported. The Yak-52, which was first built in the 1970s crashed near Lake In The Hills airport.

Crystal Lake officials said the plane went down in a vacant field near Ackman and Randall roads. McHenry County officials said the county conservation district owns the land.

Witnesses on the scene said at least one person was killed and another person was transported to Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington. However, a hospital spokeswoman said the hospital doesn’t have any patients from a plane crash.

McHenry County police remain on the scene investigating the crash.

[ FAA preliminary report ]](


Same guy - different day?