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Planned explosion goes awry at Vermont airport
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(09-24) 14:23 PDT SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) –

Officials at a Vermont airport say a planned explosion at a rock quarry went awry and showered planes and cars with large rocks.

Burlington International Airport Manager Brian Searles says rocks hit four small airplanes, several vehicles and some buildings Wednesday. No one was hurt, but there was damage costing several hundred thousand dollars.

Some of the rocks were the size of microwave ovens.

The quarry is part of an area being readied for airport expansion. Searles says the airport will investigate how the explosion got out of hand.

from (aka San Francisco Chronicle

Speaking of Burlington: Whatever happened to the kid that lived in Burlington and posted here often?


Rocks the size of microwaves showering planes and buildings. Someone got a little carried away with the C-4. Thats a sizeable mis-calculation.

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Jetliner to test Sea-Tac’s 3rd runway
SEATAC, Wash. - The new third runway at Sea-Tac Airport is ready for action.

The Port of Seattle says an Alaska Airlines 737 will perform several touch-and-go landings Thursday as part of the Federal Aviation Administration certification process.

The port says a widebody plane will test the runway next month. It’s scheduled to go into regular operation on Nov. 20.

It has taken 15 years and $1.2 billion to complete the 8,500-foot runway. The port had to battle opposition from neighbors and take extensive steps for environmental mitigation and site preparation.

The third runway will allow more planes to land during poor visibility at Sea-Tac.

Ya know what really grinds my gears? This runway cost $141,000 per foot!


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50% was probably legal fees to fight the tree huggers
20% was for the crooked politicians
20% for "environmental impact studies"
10% actual cost to construct (if that)


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You are so wrong! Subtract 9 percentage points from the last item and add it to the first three - mainly the first and third ones. So, the correct figures should be
54% was probably legal fees to fight the tree huggers
21% was for the crooked politicians
24% for "environmental impact studies"
1% actual cost to construct (if that)

When I880 in Oakland was finally finished after the 1989 earthquake, the 5 miles repaired cost only $4,000… PER INCH! But, it only took 9 years to complete.

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So, do you think they put a Cat III on it?


THE ORDeal opened up another runway today… … 7bfc04171&.

Now instead of the usual two hour delays, they have shaved off an hour. What an improvement. :laughing: … 7bfc04171&

I just made that data up. That isn’t proven…but…


ORDeal . . . I love it! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I have to be honest. I didn’t make that phrase up. That was Milwaukee Airport in their attempt to get Chicago residents to fly out of Milwaukee.


It isn’t a NEW runway (yet). All they did was open the new extension of 10/28. The runway is now long enough to handle heavies.

They will open the NEW runway (9L/27R i believe) next month once the new north control tower is complete. This runway is only 7500 ft long and is very far from the terminal. They intend to use it as a “reliever” runway during poor weather for RJ’s and GA traffic that is often diverted during such situations. The runway is also close to the north cargo terminal but is too short for most of the cargo aircraft serving ORD to use.


Still, it’s quite clever.


you’re right…sorry bout the misinformation folks.


New lease on life for Chicago’s Midway Airport -

The city of Chicago will be flying solo when it comes to airports next year.

Officials confirmed Tuesday Chicago has struck a deal to privatize Midway Airport for $2.52 billion. The long-term lease will last for 99 years.

The company taking over the airport is Midway Investment & Development Corp., a coalition of YVR Airport Services Ltd., Citi Infrastructure Investors and John Hancock Life Insurance Co.

YVR handles 18 other airports, including Vancouver International Airport.

The Chicago City Council is expected to vote on the plan Oct. 8 and, if approved, it will go into effect in early 2009. The Federal Aviation Authority and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration must approve the transaction, also.

Passengers should experience a seamless transition, said Lisa Schrader, a spokeswoman for the city’s budget office.

“It should be transparent,” Schrader said. “We do expect passengers to see service improvements.”

Chicago still operates O’Hare International Airport, one of the world’s busiest facilities, which is in the midst of an ambitious expansion plan. The city will continue to provide police and fire service to Midway.

Midway isn’t the only asset the city has relinquished. In recent years, Chicago also privatized its parking garages downtown and the Chicago Skyway.

The money Chicago obtains from the lease will go toward capital work, pension funds and bridging a major budget gap.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said the windfall comes at a crisis point in the economy and will provide more than $1 billion for infrastructure repairs.

The city first sought to privatize the Southwest Side airport in late 2006 and chose Midway Investment from among six applicants.

Major airlines at Midway also needed to endorse the change. So far Southwest Airlines, AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have agreed.


Maybe Daley can use that to improve Ohare. He won’t say how much the ohare project is over budget.


The 10/28 extension was completed early and under budget. … 08.article


Maybe they can rebuild Meigs Field!!!


When I880 in Oakland was finally finished after the 1989 earthquake, the 5 miles repaired cost only $4,000… PER INCH! But, it only took 9 years to complete.

Just wanted to put my post with the relevant post in the same forum. Will give airport related items in the other forum from now on.

Runway by my airport (MBPV) is being extended, and a parallel taxiway being built. 3500x150ft for the runway extension and 4200x75ft for the taxiway.

Not sure what the PCN for the extension will be but it will be able to hold the A346 with small weight restrictions (though I think its due to the length of the runway, not the strength) and the 744 with some weight restrictions (Again, I think its mainly due to the length.)

Total cost rough estimate at $24.3 mil.
That’s including evacuating, cutting and filling, partially cutting down a hill, constructing the runway extension ,the parallel taxiway, strip and transitional area clearance, lighting and all the other fees.

Then add on $6 mil for resurfacing and strengthening the current runway (7598x148, pcn of 052FAXT)

Again, its a rough estimate made sometime last year or so but i doubt it would reach over $28-$30 mil (excluding the resurfacing and strengthening of the existing runway).