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Three way!

We had a three way accident at our airport yesterday when a BE-95 fell out of the sky. Ever wonder what stronger? A TravelAir, Skylane or a Navion? Hard to believe but no one was hurt.

Glad to hear no one was injured Frank.

Where were the planes in relationship to each other / airport pattern???

Skylane, amazing… that no injuries happened???

Between wazz, Satine, and Siai, I was so thinking something else… :confused:

Me too but the result would have been the same.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Mind reader!

I guess I’d end up looking like the Skylane.

I saw this and thought, “Oh, WHAT are those naughty boys up to now!” :smiling_imp:

Oh…My…Gawd…I can’t believe that no one was injured. I guess the NTSB will investigate and report? :open_mouth:

I read that the twin lost the right engine on takeoff and ran into those two parked planes…Is this accurate?

Yes, except people there says he didn’t loose the right engine. He simply lost control of he aircraft in the gusty crosswind. Clearly, loosing an engine shouldn’t result in that.

Yes, we are naughty. We need to be spanked…

Sorry, just couldn’t resist that one. The door was wide open.

I do not normally respond in the GA forums…BUT the title got my eye. Glad that all ended well with that.

By the way that is some impressive skyline around there, that has got to be fun to fly around and sight see!!

For the record I’d like to be in that line as well :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: 8) :wink:

If his engine was indeed loose that would explain why he would lose an engine. :smiley:

…couldn’t resist frank.

costa’s in painted post could put that 182 back together again. :smiley:

The props look like both engines were turning.
Nothing that a little elbow grease won’t fix.

The pilot did not have a multi engine rating…just single and instrument. He also didn’t have insurance and neither did the other 2 aircraft. The 182 is owned by a local A&P who had it for sale and it was non operative…same with the navion…What a mess this will be. Both engines were turning…FAA guy was taking pics of BOTH prop impact marks on the ground yesterday…This guy is in a heap of trouble

Oh crap! Yeah, I’d say he’s in some trouble.

BTW, which airport?