This topic might have been asked before, but what airline have you flown the most? What airport have you flown into the most besides your hometown airport?

Mine is northwest and OGG.


SPI and Trans States back in the J31 days, or a close second would be Chicago Express on the Slaabs.
On probably about 250 flights, I never paid for one of them!

Man I miss the days of non revving and healthy airlines!


US Airways and Phoenix.


Southwest and Oakland.

See (aircraft type here is somewhat misleading because I put in the exact model (e.g. 737-2H4) rather than the generic (e.g. 737))


Usairways and i have 2 hometown airports clt, gso. most traveled into either Alb, or Lex.


Jet Blue to JFK
Spirit to LGA (now ISP) out of FLL

Home Airport:PBI


but I think we’ll get the general idea :unamused:


Interesting how detailed your records are…scary actually. Oh well, nice job. :wink:


hmm, not counting my home airport.
Well, for those of us in the boondocks that would mean a nearby hub airport.
I haven’t added it up but that would mean LAX, and either American Eagle (Wings West) or Sky West (either as United Express now or in the past as Delta Connection.)
Longest I suppose would be FRA-LAX on Delta and Lufthansa. Not at the same time. :open_mouth:
Longest when I’ve been in the pointy end of the airplane; Boston-Stansted. Good thing there was a nice tailwind and good weather in London!



I’m another Flightmemory fan…this is mine:


In the current spirit of airline mergers, I think your flightmemory and mine would make a good merger. Few overlaps! :slight_smile:


Northwest and PHX (Go NWA!)


Wow…what a neat site…
I went and did one myself!
Not nearly as many flights as some of you, but I’ve been up there a few times :slight_smile:

i started to late to remember how many times iv flew the routes…its not much compared to the rest of u but im only 15.
The frequencys are highly inaccurate.


Here’s mine…


cltflyer, jj11: please check your links for FlightMemory. The public link should be in the format user name

One way to get this is to click on the “invite” tab and look for the URL

I’m interested in seeing your flights.


I’m thinking of setting up a seperate account for all the sim stuff I’ve done. Much more impressive than my actual flights hehe


Sweet site.


y does my link not work!!!


You need to go into Profile, then Settings, and under where it says Publish your statistics for other to see…make sure that’s activated.