Most Frequently flown oin airline

What airline do you fly on the most?

Most Frewuently?

Wu mean to catch a wascley wabbit wif dis airwine? :wink:

The majority of my domestic flights over the last few years have been oin Delta. I’m not loyal to any carrier though. The last time I paid for a ticket, I flew on United. Whoever’s going where I’m going, when I want to go there at a low fare - that’s who I’ll fly with.

During the past decade I have been loyal to Alaska/Horizon but I’ve found their service and schedules to be unfriendly as of late. In the past year I have also flown American, Northwest and Southwest. Southwest will get all of my future paid business.

I concur with your sentiments. Besides, the way the airline merger wheel keeps rolling, you never know exactly WHOSE bread you’re buttering anyway.

My “mosts:”
Lifetime: USAir
In last 5 years: AirTran

Wooo delta!

Never been on one airline more than another one. I seem to take a different airline each time I fly. 8)

American… Usually the cheapest out of KDAY.

Do they match AirTran’s prices? I know that in the last 6 months or so, Delta (mostly Freedom Air and Comair) have been trying to stay right with FL’s prices to better compete at KCAK.
BTW: Off topic a bit, but was DAY a hub for Piedmont eons ago? For whatever reason, I seem to remember knowing that as a youngster.

I only take AirTran when i’m going direct to KMCO.

I believe Piedmont did have a hub at DAY I remember reading that a while ago but forget where that was…

Back in the day I was flying AirExec’s (*****) Beech 99s ex BWI to ORF two or more times a month. Finally took my wife, the original white knuckle flier, on what turned out to be their LAST scheduled trip in Zero/Zero IMC. She was not amused.

(*****) Defunct regional carrier serving BWI, DCA, OXB and ORF.

Normally, I was on a different flight and carrier every week or so visiting HAZMAT sites around the country. But there were long periods where I was commuting weekly between PHL/STL, PHL/IAH, STL/ISP, HOU/MSY, PHL/PIT, PHL/BUF, etc.

I seemed to always be on either USAIR or TWA unless I was heading south, in which case it always seemed to be either Eastern or Delta. The HOU/MSY trips were on the original Southeast commuter with its open seating and “commuter books” of prepaid tickets where you showed up and they tore one of the tickets out of your booklet as you boarded.

I made good use of my TWA gold card at the time to virtually live in their clubs at various airports.

I fly US Airways on every trip I go on.

I usually fly oin the airline the cheapest price. NW or DL most recently.

Were there any hubs in Piedmont’s day? At a time when the smaller airlines flew regional routes, the mode was multi-stop routes to the end of the line, not centralized spokes flown from a hub. Airlines had more flights from their headquarters city, but this was not really a “hub” system.

Other, as in the one that is cheapest to get me where I am going.

A good site for checking the lowest airfares among the all of the airlines - including Southwest - is The site doesn’t sell travel but does give you a link to the airline’s web page to purchase the ticket.

It also has sections on travel deals and travel guides.

That is a new one for me. I like to use for finding airfares. They pull from airlines and “travel sites”.

Another good option to find the lowest air fares is a search engine called Trabber -