ok here are some aircrafts Brands.


I’d have to say Airbus.


Technically, wouldn’t those all be brands (so to speak) and not actual aircraft since you could say C172, P-51, A350, B777, PA46, PC-12, etc.?


Pika1000’s right - these are not aircraft listed in the poll but manufacturers.
By the way, “aircraft” is both singular and plural


What??? No Cirrus? :laughing:


Cirrus would be filed under the “etc.” portion for now.


…or Piper, or Pilatus, or Antonov, or Embraer, or Canadair, or Dassault, or Grob, or DeHavilland, or Dornier, or Douglas, or Grumman, or Piaggio, or Gulfstream, or Fairchild, or Fokker, or Ilyushin, or Lockheed, or Tupolev, or SAAB, or Socata, or Shorts, or British Aerospace, or Mooney, or Partenavia, or Yakolev, etc…