Aircraft damaged by severe storm in Nebraska

It looks like this one may be out of service for a while:;_ylt=As8bLe5YBfO.sUKhAkdyjRNH2ocA#photoViewer=/080530/480/dbbd04279f1e40bbaf950dbc079d2ced

I checked activity at KEAR with no luck…any ideas as to what it is or who it belongs to?

I’m thinking Citation X. Can’t make out any numbers tho…

Definitely a X :frowning:

Yes an X. Thats makes me cry :frowning: such a beautiful bird.

That’s N369B. I’ve seen that 750 many times, operated by The Buckle, a retailer based in Kearny, NE.



Good spotting wazzu… I like the paint job myself. What a shame though.
If there’s anything good about this, at least it was damaged by storms while on the ground, instead of flying into it.
I hope Cessna’s facilities are built well, otherwise we might see more of the same with the monsters rolling thru Wichita right now.

all we need is some duck tape…

thanks for the find, wazzu. a neat plane…what a mess it is now.

Kearney newspaper has this video tour of The Buckle’s hangar…

Watching the video, was that the front of a second jet peeking out there? Looked Falcon-ish to me…

Nope, that’s the front of the Citation X. Look at the windows in the video compared to the pic posted by Wazzu

after learning about this story in nebraska (and having a few minor touchdowns in my neighborhood in iowa tonight…when will it end?!) i thought about the tower folks. what happens when, like at KEAR, you’re in the tower when a tornado decides to hit the field? are there procedures in place? and are atc towers designed with a basement? i’d hate to be in a glass house three stories in the air when it all goes to hell. i don’t think that would be much fun.

KEAR doesn’t have a tower so that takes care of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would assume tower personnel can take shelter in an emergency, especially the kind you can see coming at you when nobody is going to land or take off for the same reason.

Here’s a story about the Seatac tower during the 2001 earthquake (the stealthy natural disaster). I’ve heard the audio before but can’t seem to find it now.