Dulles Jet Center roof collapse on biz jets . . .


Dulles Jet Center

Hangar collapse reported at Dulles Jet Center due to heavy snow, no owners have been allowed in, and they have been unable to remove any aircraft.

Reports are, it happened around 8am, 5 persons were in the building at the time, fortunately nobody was injured. Four biz jets are inside the collapsed hanger, damage unknown.


Global Warming :unamused: (yeah, I know it’s weather, not climate) :laughing:


I didn’t know you could fit jets in a hanger. I thought they were parked in a hangar.




There is a private 737 and a private 757 at Burbank. I never see then on the line and assume they are hangared. Remember when the 737 can back from North Korea? They pulled the plane into a hangar.


This facility was just constructed in 2006-2007 and is the newest FBO at KIAD.




Sure hope the architects are up-to-date on their malpractice insurance premiums.


Not sure you can blame them by simply looking at a fuzzy photograph.

What are you basing that on? Or was it tongue in cheek?


Architects just do the pretty stuff. Engineers do the math.

One has to assume the hangar was built to code with the required roof loading?


Anyone familiar with commercial construction knows that’s what structural engineers are for. And alot of times, acts of God are exempt from liability in certain circumstances. I’m not sure how their policies are set up, but 24+" of snow in less than a day might be one of them.


NBC News confirms that ‘jets’ inside hangar have been damaged.


Are there any lists available of the aircraft damaged?


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Well, he does think he’s God…


I have photos I recieved in an email earlier today, I will post them later tonight.

2 Tail numbers you can make out are N585JC and N89MX.


here are some photos of the hanger.
Looks like an insurance nightmare.



C-FRKQ Global Express XRS just registered N89MX in December!!!,

and Airliners photo of N585JC Gulfstream V owned by Hilton Hotels.

Wow, reminds me of the Whittier earthquake in Reseda - every alley I looked down, the roofs had collapsed on all the cars, and the back ends where sticking up in the air - dozens of cars.

Amazing photos. I see 3 very sorry looking Global’s and the Gulfstream V.


Holy Crap! Thanks for posting those!


no problem

My interest is in how the owners and insurance companies duke this out. I would push for replacement myself. I estimate about 180 million in aircraft…

It is very sad to see these photos.


:open_mouth: Wow…just wow. Unbelievable.