N720RA Learjet 35 down in Chicago . . Jan 5/2010

Please post any news . .

Out of Chicago Executive Airport KPWK fatalities.

Reported as a Learjet flying cargo.

flightaware.com/live/flight/RAX9 … /KPWK/KPDK


Actual aircraft and flight unconfirmed at this time.

Note; same aircraft had a diversion on Dec 31/09.
flightaware.com/live/flight/N720 … /KPTK/KPTK

Have not heard anything yet… Hopefully it was not flyboy. :smiley:

Thanks Will it’s not me

Royal air 988

Yup, Royal Air Lear 35 on approach to runway 16 crashed one mile short of runway - from Airport Manager - two fatalities.

CNN showing totally destroyed jet.

According to CNN it was a Lear 25

I know… It’s a one in a… Well, however many Lear jets were flying at the time, chance for it to be you. :smiley:

Disregard All that I have posted- the a*shole on CNN is looking at the same website I am and just spewing crap over the airwaves

FAA Registry for Royal Air Freight Inc.

flightaware.com/live/flight/RAX9 … /KPTK/KPWK

Flight plan had it as a -35

Could it be (?):

flightaware.com/live/flight/RAX9 … /KPWK/KPDK

Scheduled to leave at 13:45 CST

Chicago News Coverage

Crashed on approach, into a river, a mile short of the runway…

Gotta be suspicious when a plane crashes short of the runway. Having crashed into a river, obviously no post crash fire.

Image from Fox News:

Quote from robbreid’s link above my post:
“The air around the scene smelled of jet fuel.”

So, I guess it didn’t run out of fuel.

Something’s wrong with your link when I click on it, so I’m posting another here…
flightaware.com/live/flight/RAX9 … /KPTK/KPWK

Weather: MVFR to VFR at the time…

Looks like N720RA

Anyone see the tail number? 4 possibilities.

N720RA according to the FAA in an article I read.

N720RA was just assigned on October 2, 2009. There are no pictures that I can find of the aircraft since it was registered, but I am guessing it is the plane formerly registered N35WE, formerly an air ambulance. This guess is based on the serial number (156) and that N35WE is no longer registered.

Here is a picture of N35WE:

If it is indeed N720RA, it made an interesting flight on 12/31.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N720 … /KPTK/KPTK

It’s showing as a diversion, and flew about 70% of the way toward KPWK on that date and then turned around.