BBJ, A320, B747, Citation X reported damaged . . .

Details are scarce so far, but after a violent storm in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, several aircraft including an A320, a B747 were damaged and a Citation X that ended up on its tail with severe damage.

Sounds like the storm was a couple of days ago, however a BBJ that jumped its chocks during the storm, but was undamaged?, upon departing today lost thrust in both engines and declared an emergency.

It was a US registered BBJ so there should be some info coming shortly???

Aviation Herald is searching for details!

Hopefully Porter is ok and will report in.

I’m guessing Porter is fine, because I think he saw that BBJ on one of the runways as he was landing there the other day, after the storm.

Described in THIS THREAD

Yup - that’s the one,

Crew received little or no help from ATC . . and fire dept. didn’t bother to move until the aircraft was already stopped. … iyadh.html