ADC Airlines Jet with 104 Aboard Crashes in Nigeria



State radio reported that the Boeing 727 was en route to the northwestern city of Sokoto when it crashed shortly after taking off from the airport in Abuja during a storm.



It’s a 737. CNN reported that from the beginning, though not sure what series. I’m guessing it’s a -200, possibly a -3. They don’t exactly fly the newest fleets over in Sub-Saharan Africa (outside of S. Africa anyway). An unfortunate loss of life.


It was a 732 and the airline subsequently has had their air carrier license suspended.


Let’s see, ADC wrote off 5N-BAA Bac 111 in a landing (long/rain) accident, wrote off 5N-BBA Douglas DC-9-32 in a landing (short/rain) accident, wrote off 5N-BBE Douglas DC-9-32 in a landing (fast/wet) accident, and wrote off 5N-BBG Boeing B727-231 in a horrific mid-air avoidance (loss of control when aircraft banked to an excessive bank angle and speed went from 280 kts to near speed of sound in 16 seconds!
Now they’ve destroyed 5N-BFK Boeing B737-2B7.

Well whatever you say about ADC, at least their consistent!


Well since it’s your first post here I’ll let you off the hook. Let’s hope you’re not consistent in jokes like that! :frowning: Please learn what is and is not a joke.