3rd B737-200 destroyed in an accident in the last 6 days!!!


#1 FlightAware Thread August 24 Boeing 737-219 registration EX-009 of Itek Air.

#2 Sriwijaya Air August 27 Boeing 737-2H4 registration PK-CJG in Indonesia.

*3 FlightGlobal News August 30 Boeing 737-291 registration YV-102T in Ecuador - Conviasa On approach, air traffic control lost contact to the 737 which was later found to have crashed on high terrain between Latacunga and Quito. Both pilots and a mechanic were the only persons on board. It is understood there were no survivors. It was dark at the time but local weather was reported to be okay for flying. The aircraft was on a ferry flight for delivery from Venezuela to its new owner in Ecuador.


More exclamation points are in needed to correctly convey the level of panic I should be feeling from three unrelated accidents.


Week and a half ago we had a 737-200 ( Air North ) abort take off due to hydraulic leak. ( at CYDF Deer Lake )


It’s posts like this which are ample evidence that a sarcasm emoticon is unnecessary in this Forum! :laughing: