737 down in Kyrgzstan

Itek Air, which had been banned from flying in EU. Again, conflicting reports on how many aboard (83-123) & how far it was from the airport (3 to 6 miles)

Reported as B737-200 c/n 22088 registration EX-311.
All unconfirmed but, Basketball team charter, 90 persons on board, 20 survivors including the crew, 3 persons listed as critical.

Aircraft declared emergency within 10 minutes of departure, made one unsuccessful attempt to land, was returning for 2nd attempt when crashed???

Note; c/n 21276 was EX-311, believed to have recently leased another B737-200 c/n 22088 as EX-311 which is unconfirmed as the aircraft involved.

The link I posted above is getting regular updates, now reporting 68 dead of 90 aboard. 22 survivors, including 2 crew. 18 hospitalized, 4 sent home.
They are saying the plane decompressed.

All that remains of EX-309,