Indonesian jet bursts into flames upon landing




I imagine something ignited from a spark when the nosewheel touched down. Can’t imagine what, though. It’s all hydraulic fluid which isn’t flammable. A good one for investigators to figure out.

Just when you think all of the danger of flying is over…


Last I read this morning it ran off the end of the runway.


According to the AP, the plane was a 734. Just like the AdamAir tragedy. Definitely went off the end of the runway (a lot), but they’re not sure if it was simply pilot error or mechanical failure yet.


Boeing 737-497 PK-GZC, Construction Number 25664/2393, mfg 1992.

Early reports state, on landing at Yogjakarta at 0714LT on r/w 09/27, aircraft overran runway, passed a boundry fence, and came to rest in flames in a rice field. Aircraft was reported as landing in a “too high speed confirguration”. At least 49 fatal of 133 passengers and 7 crew.


Well, gee! THAT’S a pretty big fact to leave out of the story!!! That explains a lot.


I’m new at this computer stuff, maybe someone can add the attachments below.
At are two unedited news videos taken within minutes of the crash.


These might be considered somewhat graphic…


I just now (3 1/2 hrs. later) saw an AP report that said there were 21 fatalities…I realize the situation is dynamic, but can’t something as objective as a death toll be double-checked or simply left “unknown” until the authorities give out some details? The race to be first often overshadows the importance of getting the story right. When I was in retail management, I often said “Speed means nothing without accuracy.” Apparently, accuracy isn’t an important virtue of reporting anymore.


I can understand how this would instill a life-long lasting fear into those who survived.


NTSB Press Contact: Keith Holloway 202-314-6100

21 reported fatalities, 50 reported serious injuries, 133 total on board.

NTSB Chairman Mark V. Rosenker has designated Investigator William English, along with members of the FAA and Boeing Aircraft Company to assist the Government of Indonesia in its investigation.

Information on the progress of the investigation will be released by the Indonesian Government.


Lots of news at

Pilots survived but are being held against their will at a military hospital.
Captain is said to be suicidal.

Nose wheel of aircraft found on runway. Both engines snapped off the wings, and the right wing tore away from fuselage.

Digital flight recorder, and voice recorder are now in Australia.

The pilot, Captain Marwoto Komar, has told Captain Stephanus, President of the Garuda’s Pilots Association, that the Boeings wing flaps may have malfunctioned during landing. Although the airplane would normally fly around for a second attempt at landing in such circumstances, Captain Komar believed he had to continue the landing after the initial impact.

Flight conditions appeared normal until the plane was about 1000 feet above the runway. The Captain felt a downdraft and the plane sinking rapidly, the aircraft hit and bouced, the engines hit the ground and the aircraft overran the runway.

The two pilots and 4 surviving crew are imprisoned by Indonesian Police at Harjo Lukito military hospital.

Two Royal Australian Air Force members who were passengers on board the ill fated jet, both stated the aircraft decended at great speed and landed to far down the runway.

Investigators stated touchdown was 600 metres down the 2200 metre runway. Also noted the nose gear and axle detached at touchdown.