SWA 227 was a 727-100? for one leg?

This flight normally operates OAK-LAX-ABQ-AMA.

Yesterday, it looks like WN took on OKC pax (maybe the LAX-OKC or ABQ-OKC flight was cancelled) and flew the normal legs on 227, plus AMA-OKC for the OKC pax, and then OKC-AMA to reposition the aircraft.
all legs are registered as B733/J except the AMA-OKC leg, for which FA says it was operated as a B727/J.
I find this to be an implausible equipment change. Is this likely a typo in the flight plan?

flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA2 … /KAMA/KOKC

Possible ATC boo-boo? It happens from time to time. FA just takes what info is given, which can be wrong from time to time…

Also, implausible? Please don’t use big words with us. That is dami’s job…

Not implausible - assuming you can do time travel back to the 1970’s.

Southwest operated a few 727’s for a while. Here’s three:

Gotta give credit to SWA’s maintenance dept. at KAMA. An 11 min. conversion from a 733 to a 721! That’s gotta be some kind of record, no? Boeing needs to hire these guys for the 787 line… :wink:

Dami, what happened to your eye for technicalities?! It is implausible, since all 3 a.c you mentioned were 722s, not 721s!! It may be Friday, but I have to keep you on your toes.

That’s true, plane. But you need to realize that due to the high humidity in AMA, the 727-200 shrank to a 727-100. Had it stayed much longer, it would have been the size of a Yak-40.

pika, you are correct.

Will you quit that!!!???!!?? Dami is going to get jealous!

JHEM has licensing rights to toughies as well; after all, I’m pretty sure he used to be an English teacher in military school. :wink: