Does WN have blocked flights to foreign countries?

or is their outsourced maintenance limited to the US (i.e PAE, GSO, VQQ)?

They outsource to El Salvador, but I don’t know what flight identifier they use to get down there and back.

Would it be logical for the origion of the flights to be KHOU?

Yes, or possibly one of the larger stations such as LAX or PHX.

The flight number would be in the 8000 series. Sorry I can’t be more specific. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the flights go to El Salvador.

Are they any SWA flights to (Aeroman) MSLP/SAL in Flightaware’s archives?

Interesting. I thought that commercial airlines only used their company callsign and applicable flight numbers on revenue-generating flights. is that no longer the case?


I’m not aware that was ever the case. Airlines use flight numbers all the time on test and ferry flights.