Crazy Southwest Route


Starting and ending in PHX, can anyone find the shortest route (time wise) that gets you on every SWA fleet type (not including the 717). Ill be working on this too.


Alright I have one and it is as follows: SWA 1092 PHX-LAS (-500), SWA 397 LAS-HOU (-800), SWA 980 HOU-ABQ (-700), SWA 1084 ABQ-PHX (-300). This is all based on today’s schedule, also there might be a route such as PHX-LAS-DEN-ABQ-PHX that might be a bit faster.


-700’s and -300’s are swapped pretty much interchangeably on routes that both can operate (-300’s don’t have the range to fly transcons)


If you want to fly a 717 on SWA you better hurry. They leased them to Delta and will be going over there pretty soon.


They transferred the leases which are held by Boeing. They won’t be getting them back.


Two already painted, first DL scheduled flights start end of this month.