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Washington regional to Phoenix? SWA 2428

My trip is from Albuquerque to Houston and I’ve just been keeping track of my plane because I was in an incident involving a different airline and i’m just a little paranoid. Not that keeping track of it will TELL me the maintenance it receives but I feel good knowing it is doing great in the air. Sorry if that sounds silly. So my flight number is 2428 but I understand the plane would be different correct? It stops in regional (Washington DC) for the day at 3 or 4 then when the next day comes it shows it is somehow back in Phoenix, does it have a flight with no passengers where it makes it there or is their a different Plane being used everyday since it is a Boeing 737-700. I am just curious, I love this Flight Aware to it is interesting.

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Flight SWA2428, Houston bound January 22nd

I assume you mean Washington-Regan, not Regional. Regardless, said flight will be a different airframe most everyday. 2428 continues on from DCA with a different flight number and may or may not end up on that segment again. It’s highly unlikely you will be able to determine which physical airplane you will be on until you arrive at the gate the day of the flight.

Why the concern?

Yeah Sorry I meant Reagan not regional haha, just had a terrible experience on my way here with Frontier, so I have a bit of paranoia and anxiety running even though its not the same airline, I am a seasoned flyer though been a passenger for 18 years, I am now 22. I was curious why it didn’t track the flight from Washington to Phoenix… Because their isn’t one haha so I was asking.

It’s hard to say where that airframe went after it came into DCA. Just because it came in from PHX is no indication it went back to PHX. Could have gone anywhere in the WN network.