AA 772 in KOKC on 9/2


I was on SWA955 OKC-BWI on Tuesday 9/2 and I saw an AA 772 parked on the ramp near gate 20. It was parked remotely, not pulled up to the jetway, but it was closest to gate 20. Later in the day it flew to DFW. Can anyone tell me what it was doing in OKC, and how long it was there? Thanks.


Recent AAL 772 activity at OKC

August 29: AAL60 (this flight normally operates NRT (RJAA) to DFW but diverted to OKC on this day) arrived at 15:15 CDT. Continued to DFW as AAL60 at 21:00 CDT.

August 29: AAL9651 DFW-OKC: arrived at 20:01 CDT

September 2: AAL9665 OKC-DFW Departed at 12:47 CDT

My theory is that AAL sent a 777 to OKC to take the passengers from the diverted AAL60 to DFW. The original aircraft (the one that flew Tokyo-OKC) stayed on the ground until the 2nd when it was flown to DFW as AAL9665.


The diversion may have happened the day that what was left of Gustav hit the area. Not 100% sure, but that could be it.


Your theory sounds reasonable. Do you know why the NRT flight had to divert to OKC? Engine problem, maybe? And then be grounded there for nearly 4 days?