Citation X - 300th delivery - plus added to CitationAir . .

A couple of good news bits for the Citation X

kansasblog Nov 30 Cessna delivered its 300th C750 to Austria.

OE-HJA C750-0300 Jetalliance Flugbetriebs Gmbh

CitationAir recalls furloughed pilots plus adds C750 to its fleet.

OE-HJA C750-0261 Just a cool shot of a Citation X.

Are the engines oversized or is the cabin undersized?

I’ve always thought that jet had a large set of B*lls.

Deef that bad boy does Mach .92 it’s got the beef.

Ever flown one? It does look badass.

Got legs too … /KTEB/KLAX

I’ve sat in one but never flown in one. My buddys dad use to wrench on one in PDX

Interesting shot of N750WM from flickr by Tom Turner

Tugboat Swift, (Mohawk Marine) barging crippled Cessna Citation X Jet N750WM to Connecticut, via the Verrazano-Narrows in New York. The aircraft had suffered a damaged nose gear while landing at JFK a couple of months ago. Supposedly the aircraft as airworthy as is, and could’ve flown to CT for further repairs, but the gear would’ve had to remain down during the entire flight. Apparently permission was denied, (according to sources) and hence we see the towing operation here. August, 2008. from T. Turner

ASN report

photo by Glenn Eldridge
G-CDCX when it ran off the runway in Luton (London) UK in Sept 06.

AAIB report … ain?id=166

With 300 plus aircraft in service, it has an accident free record!

Only aircraft not in service, is the Venezuelan seized C750 from Portugal with cocaine, as in service with the Venezuelan military for awhile, but now in storage.

Talking about N750WM, the registration is still assigned but the plane’s last flight was into JFK in April 2008, most likely the accident flight. Any idea what the plane’s status is?

N750WM, good question,

NTSB Accident Report

Probable cause; The co-pilot’s failure to maintain directional control during the landing roll. Contributing to the accident was a loss of system A hydraulic fluid for undetermined reasons and the flight crew’s failure to follow the checklist sequence.

This is a new Citation X, serial number 305!!