Advice for a Journalist

I’m reporter trying to track down the flight log for a Learjet.
Seems, though, that someone requested a block on the whereabouts of the tail number (N319SC). I’m an absolute novice in this area, but we need to know where this airplane was in the last few months.
Its owner is a hedge fund manager who disappeared – with $350 million.
If anyone here can point me in the right direction or tell me the best avenues to pursue public records, it would be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to call (941-315-3887) or e-mail (
Anthony Cormier
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

You can use the FAA aircraft registry to get information on the aircraft itself. The address is

Since the tail number is blocked, you won’t be able to get online tracking.

Kinda out of my league on this, hopefully others will have tips, but maybe a subpoena to get records? FOIPA query???

Maybe a flight aware staff member can chime in on who to contact if this is even a feasible idea?

im sure for a nominal fee the record can be provided, dont forget your asking us to rat on a friend, a friend with 350,000,000 dollars.

El Paso Information Center. (EPIC)

First… If I was going to flee with $350Million I wouldn’t do it in a crappy old Lear.

Second… Did the reporter follow up on the sale listings for the plane?

First… If I was going to flee with $350Million I wouldn’t do it in a crappy old Lear.[/quote]

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Oh and by the way this dude has been found…and is back in SRQ…I watched it on the news here in TPA.

How does the left engine have 4 less cycles than the right with the same amount of hours(which coincides with the airframe’s total hours)?

I guess the reporter’s best bet is to call Tradewinds, see if they still have the plane. IF(<-That’s a big if) they do, go look at it as a prospective buyer and ask to see the log book, then he may be able to see where it’s been.

I’m going to guess that he/she/they sometimes shut down just the left engine to deplane pax on quickturns. Either that or they were practicing single engine work with restarts.

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