journalist question

im interested in where a plane belonging to one of the ‘bad guys’ has been flying. but when i look it up, theres a message saying the owner has requested it not be tracked.

can anyone tell me–approximately–what percentage of planes tracked here have notes saying the owner has blocked them from being tracked?
daniel hopsicker

No! Now bugger off and quit trying to make corporate aviation look bad!

Just kidding :blush:

Oh how I hate the media… :angry:

Ah yes when “Bad guys” file flight plans it says in the heading BADGUY J41 PIE… What a tool :unamused:

Approximately eleventy-two percent

Stop exaggerating.

It’s more like Eleventy-thrix percent. :laughing:

Had the tin foil on my head twisted the wrong way… of course you’re right…

Madcownews? Journalist?

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Uhhhhh, interesting guy, interesting website…ummmm, yeahhhhhh

Just like that Michael Crook moron that believes that the Colgan Q400 that crashed outside of KBUF was deliberately flown into the house…and that appeared on Sean Hannity’show declaring that all US soldiers are idiots… :unamused:

wow, thanks guys. i had no idea wanting to know the recent whereabouts of a plane
owned by a guy arrested for stealing 300 million dollars (Art Nadel) was 'jes plain stupid.
live and learn huh?
thanks again.

I found the Route : madz cowz news wantz flightaware memberz to helpz makez consparicary theoryz

Hope this helped. :laughing:

Blocking of tail numbers is quite common, but I couldn’t even begin to guess at percentages. It’s hit or miss with which aircraft are blocked. Many major corporations as well as some high profile individuals have blocked aircraft. Owners/operators have the ability to view their own aircraft through various tracking software. Happy now?

And having that information would have anything to do with…what? The man was taken into custody a month and a half ago… The whereabouts of the airplane provides nothing more than further speculation to your…“brand” of journalism. :unamused:

…and to add to the above sentiment in this very computerized day and age, this guy probably wire transfered funds, as a way of “Stealing”. He could have pulled a huge amount of cash and flew it away…unless he stole my money why do I care!!!