AA donating MD-82 to Tulsa Tech School

Should be a short flight from KTUL to KRVS http://www.newson6.com/Global/story.asp?S=13927763

much better than going to the bone yard.

They also donated one to a children’s museum in San Juan, PR a couple weeks ago.

I saw the one at SJU in January at gate 5 and couldn’t figure out why it was there, that explains things.

OK, I am thinking I know the answer to this but I figured I would ask anyway.

When moving the plane from TUL to RVS, I am guessing it will go as an AA9000 flight number. Because of that, are they required to file a flight plan, not from an FAA standpoint, but from a company standpoint? I seem to remember (vaguely) that flights from FTW to DFW that were AA9000 flights still filed flight plans.

For some reason, Tulsa Tech and AA aren’t being too forthcoming with information on when the move will happen. In fact, the only way KOTV (the local station that broke the story) found out when a ceremony will take place at the AA maintenance base at TUL was by looking at the Governor’s calendar since she will be there.

To be safe, I created alerts for MD80, MD82, and MD83 from TUL to RVS, but I just wanted to cover all of my bases since I am helping KOTV keep track of this story.

Yes, any ferry for pretty much any major airline is an IFR flight with a flightplan, regardless how short.

I am hoping to see the landing at KRVS also. Saw the one at SJU tail in at the gate the other day, very odd site to see a plane sitting that way.

I’m looking forward to seeing some photos posted on FB Mike!

I plan on it! Tulsa Tech finally called KOTV back today and for some reason AA doesn’t want the plane videoed/photographed when it is transferred. Tulsa Tech doesn’t even know when the transfer is going to happen. The only thing that is known for sure is the “ceremony” is Friday morning.

KOTV was going to send their chopper up to film it and the reporter that talked to Tulsa Tech acknowledged AA’s wish but made “no promises that it wouldn’t be up for a possible ‘breaking story’ in the area” when the plane heads from TUL to RVS.

This deal between TT and AA is really weird. The ceremony is at 10AM TODAY but the media didn’t get the “official” invite until 5:22PM last night. A whopping 15 1/2 hours (give or take) before the event specifying that the media needs to inform AA that they are attending “ASAP”.


I heard the plane was still at KTUL, but my info may not be correct. I have been out of town. Did see the one at SJU has had at least one engine remove.

I was out at RVS last night helping my father in-law do some minor work on his plane before we head out to PSO next week and it wasn’t there. I made sure to enter off of 91st St. so I could take the service road right by Tulsa Tech and it wasn’t there. I have a feeling they aren’t going to take delivery of it until the 727 is gone.

Gone? Gone how? It’s not airworthy. Or do you just mean “put outside on the ramp” gone?

Sorry. Gone as in whoever is going to buy it (or whatever) takes it apart enough to get the MD-80 in the hangar.


Sure is a better way of recycling!

Donating it to a flight school where the students will use it to practice on for better aircraft mechanics in the future!

Rumor is; the KTUL to KRVS flight is March 31st

RVS was told to expect a 9:30AM arrival, landing to the south on Friday (April 1).


Yeah, that seems strange. You would think they would want to celebrate the fact they are doing something nice like this.

http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9634 obviously this link will be bad after about 9:45 am tomorrow.

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