978 MHZ UAT home brew antenna


Google searches dont give any good results on ground plane or vertical antenna projects for 978 MHz. Any ideas?



Just build the coaxial colinear (CoCo) antenna for this frequency. https://www.engr.colostate.edu/~notaros/Papers/Generalized%20CoCo%20Antennas.pdf



Interesting paper you linked to. There is, in section 4.2 an instance where they describe a CoCo that would approximate the gain of some wire designs. However, I cannot understand how they get to a 33.5 cm element length…their wire examples I presume use a wire with v/c .96 to arrive at a 45 cm element length, they state coax with a .67 v/c yet that would give an element length of 31.85 cm, not the 33.5 cm they use ?



Use same design as 1090 mhz Cantenna or Spider. The only difference is that whip, radials, and food/drink can height to be 77mm instead of 69mm.

1/4 wavelength at 1090 Mhz = 69mm
1/4 wavelength at 1090 Mhz = 77mm

Above is based on speed of radio signal in vaccum. Since the speed in metal is slightly slower, you may use about 2 ~ 3 mm less than above figures.