Coco antenna build for 978mhz

Has anyone tried to build a collinear antenna for the 978mhz band? I built one for 1090 adsb and it worked amazingly well. Im not really sure the lengths of coax cable to hit the 978 wavelength. Thanks.

If you are going to use exactly same coax which you used for successfull 1090 CoCo, then use 978-element lengths = 1.11 times the element length for 1090-elements

978-element length = (1090/978) x 1090-element length = 1.115 x 1090 element length

For example if you have used1090-elements of length 11.2 cm, then using same coax, the 978-element length will be 1.115 x 11.2 cm = 12.5 cm



Awesome thank you. I will give it a try!