Yet ANOTHER airline crash; this one in Pakistan


A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Fokker F-27 went down right after takeoff from Multan en route to Lahore and Islamabad. There were 41 passengers and 4 crew aboard, all apparently dead.
There doesn’t appear to be any foul play involved, as the local police “chief” has ruled out terrorism.
Most of the sites I visited for info were very limited on what they had, so anyone with a good link is welcome to post it.
Here’s a picture of a PIA F-27 (unsure of the registration of the one that crashed)


They always come in threes…


I remember hearing that last August after a couple major accidents and it didn’t prove true that time.


Not that anyone’s life is less important than others, but as a red-blooded flag-waving American I wish for the following: If they DO come in threes, let’s just hope it’s another flight “over there,” and not stateside. I really hope that there isn’t a third one at all though.


That’s why it’s a bit of an urban legend, and not fact. :wink:


It is a rule - not a law. Rules have exceptions.
Planes do tend to crash in threes just as celebrities tend to die in threes (also a rule - not a law).


I say that things happen in threes but ony in a joking way.

There may have already been a third accident - and a fourth, fifth, etc. There are many accidents during the year that are not reported except in local papers.


Subject: ASN Accident Digest 2006-11 Fokker F-27 PIA
Date: Monday, July 10, 2006 13:52:18 [View Source]
10 JUL 2006 Fokker F-27 AP-BAL PIA, Multan, Pakistan 45(45)

This e-mail is brought to you by the Aviation Safety Network (ASN). ASN is an exclusive service of the Flight Safety Foundation. Please note this information is preliminary; new information will be added on the Aviation Safety Network at The 2006 year list of accidents always contains the most recent information on each accident.


Status: Preliminary
Date: 10 JUL 2006
Time: 12:00
Type: Fokker F-27 Friendship 200
Operator: Pakistan International Airlines - PIA
Registration: AP-BAL
C/n / msn: 10243
First flight: 1964
Engines: 2 Rolls Royce 532-7 Dart
Crew: Fatalities: 4 / Occupants: 4
Passengers: Fatalities: 41 / Occupants: 41
Total: Fatalities: 45 / Occupants: 45
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: near Multan Airport (MUX) ( Pakistan )
Phase: Initial climb
Nature: Domestic Scheduled Passenger
Departure airport: Multan Airport (MUX / OPMT), Pakistan
Destination airport: Lahore Airport (LHE / OPLA), Pakistan
Flightnumber: 688
Shortly after takeoff the airplane reportedly suffered engine problems. It struck an electric power line before crashing in a field. The F-27 broke up and caught fire.

‘No survivors’ in Pakistan crash (BBC,10-7-2006)


  • Last fatal hull-loss accident: 16 APR 2006 Transporte Areo Militar - TAM FAB-91, Guayaramern, Bolivia
  • 1 fatality
  • Total number of F-27 hull-losses: 161 losses (148 accidents, 7 criminal occurrences, 4 other [ground damage/fire] and 2 unknown occurrences)
  • 9th worst F-27 accident
  • Survival rate for all fatal F-27 accidents: on average 28,7% of all occupants survived fatal accidents
  • history of msn 10243
    • PH-FFI (24 JAN 1964 , first flight)
    • JA8624 All Nippon Airways (FEB 1964, delivered)
    • F-BUFE TAT (MAR 1973, bought)
    • AP-BAL PIA (JAN 1979, bought)

Pakistani national airline.

  • founded: 1946
  • web site:
  • 31st airliner hull-loss accident


  • Last fatal hull-loss accident: 20 FEB 2003 Pakistan Air Force F-27, near Kohat, Pakistan - 17 fatalities
  • Third worst hull loss accident
  • The country is rated Cat. 1 (meeting ICAO Standards) in FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA)