Glider Crash near my local airpark (CYHE)


I realize this isn’t world shaking news, but it is tragic for his family and my local flying community. … 98297.html

A local pilot died in a glider crash Thursday near my home. He was very experienced and well known in the local community.

Everything is still extremely speculative about what happened, and the local media doesn’t really have the background to even report the details.

Sadly, a group of children on a schoolbus witnessed the crash.

RIP, Brian


Very sorry for your loss.


That’s sad news.

Here in the states the media usually run stories despite lack of details.


JHEM and Wazzu,
Thank you for your kind words. Since I am such a Newbie (only a couple of intro flights), I didn’t know Brian. I do know that he was a retired military aviator, with over 40 years of flying.
His glider had a small engine for self launching. The most plausible speculation is that his engine failed on takeoff, and he clipped the wires while attempting to land on the road. No chance to recover.
I must say, my desire to take lessons next month is wavering somewhat. Since I can’t pass my medical, I could never solo anyway, so I might as well just be a Hangar Bunny and Intro flight addict:) Now, I just have to persuade my husband that it is still safe!


What are the rules for Light Sport Aircraft licensing up there in the Great White North? If they’re like here in the USA, quit taking your flight physicals if you can’t pass even a third class and just get an LSA license.

Don’t waver in your desire to take to the air, you can’t predict your future enjoyment from this one sad mishap. Hell, we all face the same fate in the end, knowing that should we choose to not make the journey?

Care to share why you can’t pass a physical and solo?


JHEM, thanks for the encouragement! I needed a good kick in the butt, and FA is the place to come for that:)
And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

I’ve spent the last hour looking at a friend’s photo album of his local gliding experiences…absolutely sublime!

Medical stuff:
I have low blood pressure, and randomly faint a few time each year. Not a good thing in a pilot! It really diminishes one’s situational awareness.

So, in a nutshell, I don’t need lessons–but I think about them every day. Have you been this way all your life?


No, only up until now. :wink:



Don’t worry, there may be hope for you…

"Satine, where are you???I believe that JHEM needs you…



Does that mean you’ve been denied a medical, or had one revoked in the past? If not, you can get still get your license, since there’s no medical required. Otherwise just get your Sport Pilot, like JHEM said.

I think you’ve come to the wrong place if you want someone to help talk you out of chasing your dream of flight. :laughing:

Maybe you can even get a group rate:


LOL! Loved that photo!
I’m still determined to do it! I think the regs are different in Canada, even for sport pilots. The person I talked to at the club said I wouldn’t be able to solo, and I’m fine with that. I suspect that has much to do with their own regs.
I’m starting from scratch–no previous medicals revoked.
The crash last week was the first at CYHE in 30 years. Also, it was more related to engine failure at low altitude than anything else. So, I’m like a little kid counting the days until Christmas, waiting for the next set of lessons to begin :slight_smile:


Good for you!


Ahhhhhh… I saw the “Alaska” part of your name, so I assumed…

Listen, if you have the passion to do it… do it. (Period.) Even if you have to pay extra to have some big smelly dude sitting in the back seat every time you do it.

Like I’ve said so many times before: You’ll certainly regret never doing it, but you will NEVER REGRET DOING IT. Take it from all of us who have done it.


I was kinda hoping for a non-smelly dude, if I have a choice :unamused: