Yeah !! - non stop returns for PDX to SBA and life rant



Alaska (Horizon) has returned to nonstop flights from PDX to SBA (my hometown) - they will resume flying the CRJ700 with Horizon (aka Sky West).

They had this route back in 2005-2008 and then stopped I think because of economic conditions. Anyway, it is again great to be able to step on a fast jet and leave cold, damp, wet, cloudy, depressing, uninspiring Portland and be home in just over 2 hours…I so miss living there, and will return eventually. I grew up there and moved away thinking I would return within a year or two - but it’s been tough trying to match my salary I have here…and I would need so much more to just maintain our current standard of living albeit raining and grey.

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I flew the SBA-SEA and back flight about 4 years ago. It was packed both ways and they were already talking about dropping the route and flying everybody through everybodies favorite hub that never quite worked. Sacramento. Isn’t it funny that Horizon can’t make money with a -700 but Sky West can with a -200.


SkyWest and Horizon are two different airlines. SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Are owned by SkyWest Inc. SkyWest Air operates flights for major airlines including Alaska, United, Delta and US Air. Horizon is a separately managed company owned by Alaska Air Corp.