Air-Shuttle or SkyWest CRJ


Between SBP and PHX there was an AirSuttle (Mesa) with maybe 3 round trips a day, now it looks like flights are labeled Skywest, and no more ASH to from SBP.

On Jan 3,

On Jan 4

Is this an error, or has SkyWest taken over that route, or something else.



No error. AWE dropped ASH for their regional carrier, and has gone with SKW instead. So SKW is effectively taking over the route as the regional carrier for AWE.



Actually, US Airways didn’t drop Mesa completely - they still operate CRJ-900’s for them out of PHX and CLT. Just theeir CRJ-200 and Dash 8 flights out of PHX were replaced by Skywest CRJ-200’s.


Sky West offered USair a better contract. Mesa pays their pilots two peanuts and a doughnut every month while Sky West only pays a peanut and a cashew.

John in Saudi


Ahhh, Thank you all for the info.