Number of flights per day for plane


Recently I flew out of KLGB to KPHX early one Monday. It was a CRJ9 that was well worn and used on the inside. Later that week on Friday afternoon, I flew back from KPHX to KLGB. It too was used and abused on the inside, meaning the seat belts were frayed, the storage pouches in the seat in front had lost all elasticity and sagged, the carpet was dirty and slightly bare in places, walls had scuff marks, seats were lumpy and worn. Turns out from tracing the plane number on this site that the plane I flew on Monday was also the plane that took me home. In the interim, it had been all over the southwestern U.S. and into Mexico. It averaged six flights a day, about 90 minutes a flight average. It went into service in 2005.

So, I wonder that the odds were I’d get the same plane? It wasn’t as if it kept going back and forth between Long Beach and Phoenix. It went to Dallas, Sonora, MX, Oakland, Salt Lake City, El Paso, Burbank, Tucson, Memphis, etc. Also, I’m going to gather six flights a day isn’t unusual, but it sure did seem Mesa Air via American Eagle puts those planes to the test.


Mesa operates 64 CRJ-900’s for American Eagle. I believe roughly 20 of them are based in PHX. So your odds would be about 1/20. However, that is without knowing the lines of flying. It could be that the aircraft that fly LGB-PHX fly a line of flying that keeps them on that line and doesn’t let them easily be tail swapped to another line. IE it flies the same set of cities in and out of PHX and doesn’t switch to a different set.


It’s N942LR if anyone is interested.