Red-eye flights from LAX to PHL


I live right in the approach path for 9R at KPHL, so i often look at what’s coming in first thing in the morning when i wake up. We usually have one red-eye flight on US Airways from the big cities out west (San Fran, Seattle, Vegas, Phoenix, etc). However, from Los Angeles we often have four red-eye flights coming in per day. I know LAX is a big hub, and we have our hub here in Philly for the lovely US Airways, but it just seems like a bit much to me. I wonder how long this situation will last.

You can see the action here:

The flights are
UAL 608
DAL 1243
AWE 1446
AWE 1448

I think some of these flights are not daily, so it’s only on some days of the week that all four are scheduled.

I’d be interested in anybody’s thoughts on this, if anyone cares. Thanks for your time.


4 flights is actually not that much for a market the size of PHL.

Also, for aircraft rotation, for US Airways to offer late afternoon or evening departures from PHL to LAX the aircraft has to get back east somehow. The only way to do that is a redeye.

The Delta flight is new, I’m not sold on how long it will stick around. They have no appreciable feed on either end.


The Delta flight operates 5x a week (xTuSa).

Connections to this flight at LAX include SFO, SAN, SJC, STS SBA, MMH, SJD (most are codeshare connections through ASA).


Ahh, thanks guys for the great info. It will be interesting to see if that Delta flight hangs on.