How many flights does a airplane do in a day?


Does anyone know how many flights does an airplane make in a day? If your not sure please still post you answer and write “Im not sure” Thanks 8)


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Im not sure


Yes, but are you certain?


What plane? A cessna 172? A regional jet? A heavy plane like a 777 or 747?



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Yes, but what kind of 737-800? :wink:




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The correct answer is has many flights as the airline can schedule if the airline schedules correctly.

Domestically, aircraft utilization can vary widely. Southwest schedules its aircraft for as much as 12-14 hours a day. Cargo carriers such as FedEx may have only 4 or 5 hours a day.

International services are different. Aircraft flying very long routes like Los Angeles to Singapore or San Francisco to Sydney have utilization of over 12 hours.

The original Braniff operated a 747 every day of the week between Dallas and Honolulu. This aircraft had a utilization of about 14 hours a day.

As a general rule, if the airline operates point-to-point (basically, that’s just Southwest within the USA) then the airline can get more utilization than if the carrier operates a hub-and-spoke system. This is because the aircraft cannot be turned around as fast at a hub as it can be at an enroute stop.

For specifics, you may wish to use Google to find airline annual reports. Many of them tell you the utilization.


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In the entire history aviation - from Icarus to the present day - there has NEVER been a case of a flight that did not complete its flight … one way or the other.


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Well, the 737-800 makes about 40 flights a day each. Every flight is between 2:15:57 - 3:01:07 long (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) In exactly 38mins, 14 seconds, they lift off the ground after landing… They land in 4,716ft, give or take 2 feet each. All the pilots are 5’9-6’1 tall, black, dark brown or blonde hair, Olive skinned, wear Ray Ban aviators, and all the flight attendants either look like Pam Anderson or her mom. Sns are served exactly 21mins, 41 seconds after lift off, and all the Captains look like George Clooney, but sound like Dick Cheney, all the Co-pilots look Like Denzel Washington but sound like Dave Chappelle. Any more questions?

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Except for that one FSim flight havent finished yet…

                       The 737-800 does not take off within its landing.
           I know this by observing some airlines in flightaware and caculating wich wll the next destination be. In fact the when the aircraft lands it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes for refueling,un/loading the plane with its bags and food. It also has to be cleaned and mechanic has to check the engines for any problems. :smiley: ( I do a lot of research :slight_smile: )