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How many planes are each airline flying?

I have been tasked with a project to come up with a reasonably accurate number of how many planes are flying during these Covid epidemic days - PER AIRLINE.
In other words, American Airlines has 870 planes, but the actual number of planes flying today was “xxx” aircraft. That’s the question that I’m trying to answer.
And I need to do that for hundreds of individual airlines.
*** Is there any good source that can help me figure this out? ***

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Does this help.

At this moment American Airlines has 72 planes in the air.


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Thank you for your answer, which is a step in the right direction, but not exactly what I need.
I am trying to get a handle on the number of active planes per airline per day.
Knowing that AA has 72 planes in the air at this moment does not take into account the rest of the day.
These are among the factors that affect the figure that I’m trying to nail down:

  • The moment where you found 72 airborne planes could be high time or off-hours.
  • And a busy plane can fly 3-4 times per day, perhaps more.
    I don’t think that I will get a firm answer to this question - not even if I asked the airlines directly. Especially if I ask the airlines directly!

Ahh, sorry about that. I missed the PLANES per AIRLINE per DAY.

This tells you which aircraft are flying American Airlines at this instant but you wouldn’t want to get that list for each company even once an hour and tabulate it.

Clearly Flightaware has the raw data you need but I can’t tell you how to access it.

Good luck in your project.


American has approximately 600 aircraft flying as of the last week. But that number is changing rapidly. You can see the increased traffic by all major airlines bringing planes out of storage and back to their respective maintenance bases. With the number of passengers climbing every week this is very dynamic and most airlines have announced significant increases in flights for July.

For this you might need API access with historic data. You could then query it and create your own report.