AirCraft Reported Problem (Site 43072)

Just checked my Aircraft Reported for Today and its currently at 51 and should be around 1,400!

According to Hourly Received Reports

12-1am 27
1-2am 13
2-3am 18
3-4am zero?
4-5am 66
5-6am 167
6-7am 264
7-8am 228
8-9am 224
9-10am 215
10-11am 220

Just checked again and now it shows 933 but it should be 1,516. Also, shows just 59 aircraft for the last hour which is definitely not right as I usually average about 200 or so between 11am-12 noon

Looking at my stats for Yesterday, Hourly reports of aircraft total 3,341 but aircraft reported says 1,349! Heck of a difference. I haven’t gone any further back but that’s at least 2 days that are wrong by quite a large amount unless I am somehow misunderstanding whats displayed…

See post208678.html#p208678 for what’s up with the daily numbers.

the 3am-4am hole is, unfortunately, an actual hole - we had some scaling problems and it took a while to get everything back up.

Any idea when the daily numbers will be refreshed to be correct?

At least 72 hours to reprocess the 16th and 17th.