Newbie... and nervous flier


Hi, im new to the board and website, but i was hoping someone could help with some of my questions…

  1. Does anyone know how many flights take off in the United States and in the world a day (im only asking about commercial airlines)…im only interested in take off because thats when im most nervous and i guess the information would somehow help me calm down…maybe

  2. Does anyone know how many people fly per day in the United States and in the world a day…i’ve heard something near 3 million people in the world a day fly…that seems a bit high to me, but i don’t know…

  3. Is there a way on this website to view the Live Tracking as it updates each minute…is there a way to just have it on live tracking for the whole nation so you can watch as the red dots move per minute or whatever the update time is…everytime i hit live tracking i just get a static picture of the current time, but it doesn’t move…

I fly quite frequently, but i have a very hard time doing it…i feel the main reason i am so scared is because i don’t have a very good idea of how many planes fly each day…i don’t really understand the mechanics behind how a plane flies and i often just have very crazy thoughts in my mind…i used to be able to fly pretty easily, but as i have gotten older i feel that the crazy thoughts have gotten worse…i manage to fly because i convince myself this is the only way to get from point a to point b…but it isn’t something i like doing at all…i honestly feel if i had more information about things such as amount of flights per day and how many take off a day, i would be able to better convince myself that the fear is only in my mind and that i need to just relax…

thank you for all your help…i appreciate it very much…


This one is arguably the best.



Airline statistics for USA airlines can be found on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics web page.

From the site mentioned above (remember, these are for USA airlines only)
for the period June 2005 to May 2006:

Revenue Passengers Enplaned: 748,551,000 (2,050,824 per day)
Revenue Departures 11,607,728 (31,801 per day)

The Airline On-time Statistics will give you N-numbers for specific flights. Click on on of the links under the “detailed statistics” section.

Here’s an example for flights fro OAK to GEG:

Carrier Code Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Flight Number Tail Number Origin Airport Destination Airport Airborne Time
WN 02/03/2006 0449 N325 OAK GEG 0087
WN 02/06/2006 1244 N676SW OAK GEG 0098
WN 02/15/2006 1244 N607SW OAK GEG 0098
WN 02/17/2006 1244 N615SW OAK GEG 0092
WN 02/27/2006 1244 N609SW OAK GEG 0095

Warning: This site can be very slow.


every 5 seconds a boeing 737 takes off. And there are hundreds of other types of aircraft too.


This statistic made me curious, so I checked the database.
Indeed, a 737 took off every 12.3182207 seconds in the US on Monday. Worldwide that could easily be one every 5 seconds.
A 747 takes off about every 3.5 minutes in the US.