Yeager Airport ( KCRW ) Activity & Photos


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I hope I posted this in the correct place, but if I didn’t I’m sorry! I just thought I’d post a topic regarding my airport and I will post sightings, photos, and anything else here as well…

  • Any pilots from the West Virginia area?



I’m not FROM WV, but my family is from the Beckley/Hinton area. I fly out of Winchester, VA which is near the VA/WV state line. All of my cross country flights as a private pilot so far (since last June) have taken me over some part of WV or another. I’ve flown to Beckley twice. I just love the mountain scenery!


Ah cool! I have been down to Raleigh Co. Memorial Airport multiple times… It is a small airport, but it is still fun to hang around and watch the airport action!



I’d love to see pictures, but I’m guessing the Activity forum would be the place for this.


Oh okay, I will have photos up sometime around January…



While checking the forum this morning I decided to check out KCRW’s status and found something different… It is a Falcon 20 and it is owned by the General Dollar Corporation… Has anyone ever seen this jet? I know that it isn’t a rare sighting, but I figured I would post it anyway…

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I grew up in WV and graduated from Fairmont State w/ my BS in Aviation.

I instructed for two years at W22 and PKB.

Now I live in KS and am getting ready to move to Peachtree City GA and work for Falcon Aviation.


My former flight instructor was the captain of the Dollar General Falcon about 4 years ago. He came by any chance he got, usually 400’ AGL. He is now living the dream w/ Southwest.


I landed once at Charleston WV; very scenic airport … quite a thrill to file IFR to Charleston WV then have clearance delivery tell you that you are cleared to Yeager Air Force Base.