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I am a new member and I just wanted to welcome myself. I am interested in learning more about aviation and I am interested in what flight aware can offer me…

I live in West Virignia and our main airport is Yeager Airport " KCRW " located in Charleston, WV… This airport is pretty small compared to your major ones, but it is still active…

What all can flight aware offer me? I am just interested in learning more about aviation and I am interested in learning about operations at my airport…


In addition to tracking by flight number or airport, you can track by airline or aircraft type. We also have airport information, including typical arrival approaches, and an airport weather history. The resources page contains links to weather maps, aircraft registration info, and a list of airports by state. The squawks section of the site is for users to post aviation news stories that they find interesting.

You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a fairly busy little airport. I guess you can learn about the airport activity there. Also the discussions here are all over the map, enjoy!

What is your background, are you a pilot? or goal of becoming airline pilot?


It seems this site has a lot to offer and I plan on checking it out once this post is completed…

As of this point I don’t have a goal of being a pilot, but I have taken it into consideration before, but the main reason I am currently interested in aviation is because I love to photograph and my goal is to find out where these planes are so that I can photograph them, usually I’ll just go to the airport and hope to see something, but now that I know what’s coming in I will have a chance to photograph it…

  • Once I start taking these photos I will share them with the group IF anyone is interested…


CRW is often referred to as “Charlie West” by pilots to distinguish it from “Charlie South”, Charleston, SC.
Just a little tidbit of info from the aviation front.

Ah I see, I think I’ve heard some pilots call it " Charlie West " before…


One little tidbit. You may “hear it” before they come, which will give you a lead time on where to be at the airport for spotting planes. Invest in a scanner that will allow for programming in aviation frequencys

UNICOM: 122.95
ATIS: 127.6
WX ASOS: PHONE 304-346-4797
CHARLESTON APPROACH: 119.2(SOUTH) 124.1(NORTH) 269.125 128.5
CHARLESTON DEPARTURE: 119.2(SOUTH) 124.1(NORTH) 269.125 128.5
CLASS C: 119.2(SOUTH) 269.125
EMERG: 121.5 243.0

To hear what is coming in, tune in the approach frequency 119.2 and 124.1
To hear ground movements, tune in 121.8 and 125.7. Clearance Delivery is a frequency to listen for pilots to pick up their IFR clearance or for VFR pilots to tell the airport their intentions before they switch over to grond frequency.

For those not familiar with airport frequencies, the order of frequencies and a very brief summary of description would be as follows for departures

Clearance Delivery - pick up flight plan
Ground - pick up taxi instructions
Tower - pick up clearance for departure (or landing if arriving)
Approach - pick up in air instructions whether it be vectors or flight plan instructions

Tune into the ATIS frequency for landing and taxi instructions given to pilots.

Tune into the ASOS frequency for updated weather conditions being reported to the pilot.

Hope this helps.


Hi Chase - welcome to FlightBeware (personal joke there) - I looked at your profile & I have never heard of “railfanning” - what is that or what does that mean??? :question: 8)


I am getting a new 200 channel scanner for Christmas therefore I’ll program the airport frequencies in there as soon as I get it!

Railfanning is a person who sets beside the railroad tracks and photographs trains… I’m a railfan and railfans are just people who talk about trains when their not railfanning… I just started this hobby last year, but I love it! I thought I was the only person who liked it, but it is actually a very popular hobby!

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