Whats Your Home Airport?


Just looking to see where everyone’s from. Please reply with your home airport. I am personaly about 5NM due east of the Grand Forks Airport.


Hometown airport KMIA, secondary airport KFLL, and every golfcourse and expressway in South Florida (lots of piper cubs and cessnas land on them…definitely not on purpose!)


gladly BTV is the place to be. :smiley: :smiley:

Everyday at least 4 times 4-6 f16’s takeoff and land here it’s a base for the Green Mounain Boys and a regular airport i live right at the national guard entrance so it’s chill to watch them fly… :smiley: :smiley:


My home is about 20 minutes west of KEWR, and it is the airport I know best and consider my home airport. However, while at school, which looks out across the Lehigh Valley, I’m buzzed by planes coming into KABE, and the airport is visible from some parts of campus. Special prize if you can guess the University. :wink:


Lehigh Valley College is it right and if it is whats the prize// :laughing:


Alright, Heres my best guess! Cedar Crest College?


Oh, so close. :slight_smile:

And the prize is a congratulation from yours truly. :wink:

Cedar Crest College?

Nope, not that one either, that’s in Allentown, mines a bit east…


What are you currently studying?


i bet you go to one of these schools

Allentown Business School
Allentown Central Catholic High
Allentown School District
Allentown School District Planetarium
Bangor Area School District
Cedar Crest College
Centennial School
College Corner
Communities In Schools of the L.V.
DeSales University
Easton Area School District
East Penn School District
East Stroudsburg State University
Empire Beauty School
Freedom High School Alumni
The Hillside School
Jim Thorpe Area School District
Lafayette College
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Lehigh County Vocational Technical School
Liberty High Alumni Page
Lehigh University
Lincoln Technical Institute
Moravian College
Muhlenberg College
Nazareth Area Blue Eagle Marching Band
Nazareth Area School District
Northampton Area School District
Northampton Community College
Northern Lehigh School District
Northwestern Lehigh School District
Palmerton Area School District
Parkland School District
Penn State Lehigh Valley
Salisbury Township School District
Saucon Valley High School
Saucon Valley School District
Southern Lehigh School District
St. Elizabeth Regional School
St. Francis of Assisi School
Whitehall-Coplay School District


Congratulations! :smiley:

What are you currently studying?

I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Business and probably Aerospace Engineering.


That would have been a dead giveaway for me that you’re at Lehigh, you’re too far west for Lafayette and Lehigh is the only other decent engineering school in that area.

Home airports are N14 and KVAY. Son and DIL were FIs at N14, now in the process of moving to MHT where he’s flying PC-12s for www.linearair.com.

KVAY because I’m on the board of airvictorymuseum.org/.




KMBO (Madison MS) is my home base.



Very Nice,
I love Manchester, its a great city. Enjoy!


I’ll assume (with all that implies! :laughing: ) that your post was directed to me.

We know the MHT area quite well, eldest daughter is a UNH graduate, other daughter went to URI and son was at UMASS until the flying bug bit him for certain.

He’s presently enroute back there (N624AF) to catch a commercial flight back here to PHL to pack up and move this week.





I am at a flight school as well. Done with my undergrad in May, and currently working on my multi license


LOT is my hometown airport



Home airport is NZCH. I can hear you all “where is that?”


I can’t imagine you have much use of FA down in NZ. :wink:


Certainly not as much as I would like. Is anyone interested in corporate visitors to NZ? If so is this the correct board to post them?


Take your pick depending on how you look at it. Where I live, KRVS & KTUL. Where I grew up, KMIT & KBFL.