wrong GMT and flight duration

Case in point:

21-Oct-2006 B763/W Sheremetyevo (UUEE) Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Int’l (KATL) 18:53 GMT 16:52 EDT 1:59

There’s no way a B767 can make it from Sheremetyevo to Atlanta in 2 hours. What it looks like, the TZ offset for Moscow was applied to the local time in Moscow backwards, and the correct departure time must be 10:53 GMT. Same thing seems to happen for every flight originating in Europe.

Please excuse me if this bug has been discussed already.

Hi – please see this FAQ. It’s not a time zone issue as much as a lack of data issue.

OK, now that I’ve looked more closely, the “departure” time is more like the time the flight tracking data popped up in the FAA system, right?

Exactly. Basically, the aircraft was under the jurisdiction of the FAA for the last 2 hours of the flight.