timezone question in Alert response


I got the following response from Alert

  "long_desc": "Aeroflot #1506 departed Sheremetyevo Int (UUEE\/SVO) at 14:54 MSK enroute to Roschino (USTR\/TJM) for an estimated arrival at 19:34 YEKT",
  "short_desc": "AFL1506 departed UUEE\/SVO @ 14:54 MSK for USTR\/TJM ETA 19:34 YEKT",
  "summary": "AFL1506 has departed UUEE\/SVO for USTR\/TJM",
  "eventcode": "departure",
  "alert_id": 10726855,
  "flight": {
    "ident": "AFL1506",
    "aircrafttype": "",
    "origin": "UUEE",
    "destination": "USTR",
    "filed_ete": "02:40:00",
    "route": "",
    "faFlightID": "AFL1506-1436178300-schedule-0207",
    "filed_altitude": 0,
    "filed_airspeed_kts": 345,
    "filed_time": 1436178300,
    "filed_departuretime": 1436351100,   # 13:25,  actual departure by msk 14:25
    "estimatedarrivaltime": 1436366041,
    "actualarrivaltime": 0,
    "actualdeparturetime": 1436356441,
    "estimated_blockin_time": 0,
    "filed_blockin_time": 0,
    "actual_blockin_time": 0,
    "estimated_blockout_time": 0,
    "filed_blockout_time": 0,
    "actual_blockout_time": 0,
    "filed_arrivaltime": 1436360700

This is a flight SU-1506 from SVO to TJM
scheduled departure 14:25 (local moscow time)
Scheduled arrival 19:05 ( local time YEKT)

but in response there is

“filed_departuretime”: 1436351100, # 13:25, should be 14:25
“estimatedarrivaltime”: 1436366041,
“actualdeparturetime”: 1436356441, #14:54
“filed_arrivaltime”: 1436360700 # 16:05

So I totally messed up with TimeZones of those data points.

Any guidelines on understanding those fields?

This is a known issue with our timezone (specifically regarding Daylight Savings Time) database being out of date for some parts of the world. We are in the process of working on a solution for this, but it may be several more days before we have a resolution for this.