filed_departuretime/estimatedarrivaltime timezones


I want to be able to work out how much longer it will be until a specific flight lands.

Obviously the calculation for this is something like:

time_left = estimatedarrivaltime - current_time;

The problem is I don’t know what timezone the estimatedarrivaltime value is in.

It would be less ambiguous if you returned UTC formatted dates instead of numerical timestamps.

How can I determine what the relevant timezones are?


What timestamps are you seeing? All times in FlightXML are UTC.

Your proposed subtraction method should work perfectly.


You can get the timezones for the origin or destination with the AirportInfo method.


Thank you for your response, you are of course absolutely correct - obviously my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet!

What was actually happening was that i was calling FlightInfoEx (limited to 1 result) and InFlightInfo and expecting the reponses to be about the same flight. I hadn’t realised i was getting future scheduled flights from FlightInfoEx!

It would be really nice to have a method like FlightInfoEx that took a faFlightID as it’s parameter instead of a tail number.


You can call the SearchBirdseyeInFlight function with a query of “{= fp your_faFlightID_here}” and it will return a structure that is similar to what FlightInfoEx provides: … raftStruct

However, its history is limited to only about a day or two (sometimes more, depending on space available).