baw227 arriving before its takeing off

i like following ba flights and the past 2 days the site seems to have got a bug in it that if you try to follow baw 227 from heathrow to atlanta its giving some very unhelpful information such as its states that its landed and makeing its way to the atlanta terminal before it even left heathrow and friday it just went awol about an hour into the fight. whats gone wrong!!!

Maybe it’s your settings? When I looked at BAW227 for Friday I see it departing EGLL at 1553 BST and arriving at KATL at 1931 EDT.

18-May-2012 	B772/Q 	London Heathrow (EGLL / LHR) 	Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL) 	15:53 BST 	19:31 EDT 	8:37

hi think my settings are ok i checked dal 9 which left 2-56 pm today for atlanta and baw 227 which left 3-56 pm the baw 227 is already showing its landed. time now 19-34. dal 9 still 3hrs 50 mins flying time !!! i know they call them ba speedbirds but that would make it faster than concord at its best. :laughing:

As of 18:51 GMT, BAW227 shows the following:

19-May-2012 	B772/Q 	London Heathrow (EGLL / LHR) 	Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL) 	15:56 BST 	19:22 EDT 	8:25

It left EGLL at 15:56 BST (14:56 GMT). It’s scheduled to arrive at ATL at 19:22 EDT (22:22 GMT). Clicking on the link for the specific flight shows it is still enroute as of this time.

The times for other BAW227 are consistent in having the correct times.

Please do not say “Today” without giving what “Today” is. If I was reading this on 20 May I would think you are talking about the flight on the 20th.

Also, you can show a specific flight you are talking about by clicking on the flight’s date then copying the address that shows in the address bar: … /EGLL/KATL
This is, unfortunately, abbreviated in the posting. The full URL is

Furthermore, you can show just the flight number with the URL as a regular link:

[BAW227 19 May](

BAW227 19 May

having checked a number of other flights today 19 of may 2012 it would seem that hong kong and others show just the same that they have landed so i believe this to be a ba problem. please note you can always see at the top the date of a post . it would be nice to get on the internet sometimes with out so much nit picking. im gone.

It’s a BA issue, I’ve forwarded it to the development team.

I’m trying to figure out why you said the BAW aircraft landed when FlightAware still shows it enroute. Looking at the examples you gave I didn’t see that.

Yes, the posting date and time is shown at the top of the posting. But is this not my local time of the posting? If you’re in a different time zone then the date may be off. In any case, it’s just, in my opinion, a best practice to put the date in the body of the posting.

thank you. i think perhaps being new here and not knowing the right way to bring items to the attention of members in a different time zone was my fault for which i hold my hands up . i should perhaps have mentioned that i was looking at the live flight page the one you follow the time line and time to landing and the map. not the live tracking page which shows every thing fine.